Rhododendron var Stamfordianum Botanical Print by Louis Van Houtte

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SKU: 71 botanical

An archival premium Quality artPrint of the Rhododendron var Stamfordianum by Louis Van Houtte for sale by Brandywine General Store. This vintage painting was in volume 14 of Houttes Botanical Books called The Flowers in the Greenhouses and Gardens of Europe, which was published in 1861. The Stamfordianum was rosy scarlet in color and an early bloomer. Rhododendron comes from the ancient Greeks, with rhodon meaning rose and dendron meaning tree. It is a large family of plants with over 1,000 species. They have fibrous roots and prefer acidic well drained soils. The genus Rhododendron belongs in the Heath Family which also includes the Heaths, Heathers, Blueberries, Mountain Laurels and several other ornamental plant groups. Most of the cultivated rhododendrons in the United States are derived from Asian species which grow naturally in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Western China, Northern India, Burma and Assam. Botanical art print #71

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