Renoir Pierre Auguste - Children's Afternoon at Wargemont art print

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An archival premium Quality art print of Children's Afternoon at Wargemont by Auguste Pierre Renoir in the year 1884 for sale by Brandywine General Store. This is considered one of the Renoir's least characteristic and most modern of his paintings, prompting some critics to pan this one. The original oil on canvas is now in the National Gallery in Berlin. This portrait was painted for Paul Barard who was one of Renoir's most important supporters. Barard was a French diplomat and banker whom Renoir met in 1878. The artist often spent his summers at the Berard's country home in Wargemont, near Dieppe on the Normandy coast where he painted decorative pictures for the house and a family album of various portraits of the Barard family. Famous Artists print #71

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