Red Shouldered Hawk by John James Audubon art print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Red Shouldered Hawk by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. This picture shows a male and female pair of the Red Shouldered Hawks perched in a tree. This must be in the South because it looks like Spanish Moss is hanging down from the branches of the tree. Audubon drew this pair of raptors for his ornithology book, The Birds of America which was published in the 1820s and 1830s. These large hunting birds were plate or picture number 56 in the 1st Havell edition. Falco Lineatus - These raptors were described in the book thus "The Red-shouldered Hawk, although dispersed over the greater part of the United States, is rarely observed in the Middle Districts, where, on the contrary, the Winter Falcon usually makes its appearance from the north, at the approach of every autumn, and is of more common occurrence. Kentucky, Tennessee, and other Western States, with the most Southern Districts of our Union, are apparently best adapted for the constant residence of the Red-shouldered Hawk, as in all these latter districts it is met with in greater numbers than in any other. This bird is one of the most noisy of its genus, during spring especially, when it would be difficult to approach the skirts of woods bordering a large plantation without hearing its discordant shrill notes, ka-hee, ka-hee, as it is seen sailing in rapid circles at a very great elevation. Its ordinary flight is even and protracted, excepting when it is describing the circles just mentioned, when it often dives and gambols. It is a more general inhabitant of the woods than most of our other species, particularly during the summer, and in autumn and winter; now and then only, in early spring, shewing itself in the open grounds, and about the vicinity of small lakes, for the purpose of securing Red-winged Starlings and wounded Ducks...." Audubon Birds art print #56

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