Raphael - The Pearl or Holy Family Fine Art Religious Print

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SKU: 12 Religious

An archival premium quality art print of The Pearl or The Holy Family painted by Raphael in the year 1518 for sale by Brandywine General Store. This picture shows the Madonna looking at the Christ Child and Saint John the Baptist, who both play in front of her. Standing beside her is her own mother, Saint Anne, while St. Joseph sits in the background on the left. Originally painted for Ludovico Canossa, then successively passed through the collections of the Duke and Duchess of Mantua, Charles I of England, and Luis de Haso, who gave it to Phillip IV. It was at this time the nickname was earned because Phillip IV considered this painting The Pearl of his art collection. There is some disagreement if Raphael actually painted the whole image, some think he was helped by Giulio Romano. This Religious artwork is currently in the Prado Museum in Madrid Spain. Religious art print #12

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