Plectopoma Naegelioides Scintillans Botanical Print by van Houtte

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SKU: 120 botanical

An archival premium Quality Botanical art Print of the Plectopoma Naegelioides Scintillans by Louis Van Houtte for sale by Brandywine General Store. The French Botanical Illustrator drew this colorful flower for his horticultural journal, The Flowers of the Gardens and Greenhouses of Europe. This particular orangish pink flower was plate or picture number 75 in Volume 17 which was published around the year 1867. In a contemporary botanical journal of the day, this plant was described as being a new flower of the time. It was also said to be a beautiful stove perennial with erect branched red stems, slightly toothed leaves and a large bright purplish rose colored flower with the tube being yellow on the lower side and dotted with scarlet. Botanical art print #120

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