Pine Grosbeak by John James Audubon

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Pine Grosbeak by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. In this artwork Audubon features three pine grosbeaks, all perched in a bough of a pine branch. There is a male in his spring plumage, which is bright red, a female and a young male that has went thru his first winter. Mr. Audubon drew this bird for his great ornithology reference book, The Birds of America, this one is from the 1st Havell edition. Audubon drew these birds in his travels throughout the United States, after he completed his sketches and drawings they were sent to Mr. Havell in London, who then engraved and painted them to be included in the great ornithology book. Corythus Enucleator - Mr. Audubon describes the Pine Grosbeak thus "The Pine Grosbeak is a charming songster. Well do I remember how delighted I felt, while lying on the moss-clad rocks of Newfoundland, near St. George's Bay, I listened to its continuous lay, so late as the middle of August, particularly about sunset. I was reminded of the pleasure I had formerly enjoyed on the banks of the clear Mohawk, under nearly similar circumstances, when lending an attentive ear to the mellow notes of another Grosbeak. But, reader, at Newfoundland I was still farther removed from my beloved family; the scenery around was thrice wilder and more magnificent. The stupendous dark granite rocks, fronting the north, as if bidding defiance to the wintry tempests, brought a chillness to my heart, as I thought of the hardships endured by those intrepid travellers who, for the advancement of science, had braved the horrors of the polar winter. The glowing tints of the western sky, and the brightening stars twinkling over the waters of the great Gulf, rivetted me to the spot, and the longer I gazed, the more I wished to remain; but darkness was suddenly produced by the advance of a mass of damp fog, the bird ceased its song, and all around seemed transformed into chaos. Silently I groped my way to the beach, and soon reached the Ripley. Audubon Bird print #358

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