Pierson, Christoffel - Niche with Falconry Gear Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 95 old masters

An archival premium Quality art Print of Niche with Falconry Gear painted by Dutch artist, Christoffel Pierson for sale by Brandywine General Store, He was one of the first artists in history to specialize in images of hunting gear. The exact date of this oil on canvas isn't known but it was most likely painted by Pierson sometime in the 1660s. In Niche with Falconry Gear, Pierson has arranged various pieces of hunting equipment in and around a wooden-framed niche set into a white stucco wall. In the arched niche he has placed a hunting horn, a net, a bow and arrow, and a small birdcage surmounted by a falcon's hood with a red plume. Two different types of whistles hang from the cage. A powder bag and powder horn are suspended to the left of the niche, and a shoulder bag hangs to the right. Old Masters art print #95

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