Orchid, Odontoglossum Luteo Purpureum Botanical Print

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SKU: 88 botanical

An archival premium quality Botanical art Print of the Odontoglossum Luteo Purpureum Orchid by Frederick Sanders for sale by Brandywine General Store. This particular orchid was tab or picture number 33 in Fredrick Sander's large book on orchids called Reichenbachia, which was published around 1890. The Odontoglossum Luteo Purpureum is an epiphytic orchid which is found in the wild in the wet montane cloud forest in Columbia at elevations of 6 to 9.000 feet. The plants bloom from spring to summer with very fragrant blossoms that measure around 10 centimeters. They grow in cool to intermediate conditions with moderate light. When growing in the house, water the plant right before the potting mix goes dry. The plants should be potted in a well drained medium such as medium fir bark. This flower is also called the Yellow Purple Odontoglossum. The name Odontoglossum is from the Greek, with odon meaning tooth and glossa meaning tongue, referring to the two teeth like calluses on the base of the lip. Botanical art print #88

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