Orchid, Moth - Botanical Print by Louis Van Houtte

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SKU: 78 botanical

An archival premium Quality Botanical art Print of the Moth Orchid by Van Houtte for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork features a flower in full bloom with green mottled leaves in its native habitat. This illustration was in volume 15 of Flowers of the Greenhouses and Gardens of Europe, the famous botanical books published by Houtte during the middle part of the 19th century. The moth orchid with its pink flowers, is the most popular orchid in this genus.The beautiful barred leaves makes this an attractive houseplant even when it is not blooming. Named after Consul Schiller who was the first to flower this orchid in 1858. The species is endemic to the Philippines where it enjoys the warm tropical climate, growing high up in the trees in the rain forests. It is a hot grower that likes the shade, this is one reason this is a popular houseplant, because it will freely bloom with only moderate light. This flower is always at the top of the list for beginning growers of orchids. Botanical art print #78

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