Orange Sporting Powder Advertising Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality print of an Orange Sporting Powder Advertising Print for sale by Brandywine General Store. This vintage ad was originally published in 1873 and shows a huge white tail deer buck coming out of the water in a swamp while three ducks are flying overhead. The artist name was A. F. Trit and the copyright date of 1873 is located in the bottom right hand corner. This picture would be great for any man cave or rec room for the hunter in the family. In another vintage ad from about the same time period the Laflin and Rand Powder Company advertised their 4 different powders as: Orange Lightning Powder was the best powder made, coming in sizes 1 to 7 and packed only in 1 pound canisters, when using this gunpowder care must be taken to use no finer size than No. 5 in metal shells or fine breech loading guns, as it is to quick for the strength of either. Duck Powder - A very strong gunpowder which was clean and packed in metal kegs of 6 1/4 pounds and canisters of 1 and 5 pounds. Audubon Gunpowder was very quick for woodcock and other shooting from muzzle loading guns and was packed in metal kegs of 12 1/2 and 6 1/4 pounds and also 1 lb canisters. The Orange Rifle Powders was the best for rifles and all ordinary shooting. Came in FG, FFG and FFFG these could be bought in wood and metal kegs of 25, 12 1/2 and 6 1/4 pounds and 1 lb and 1/2 lb canisters. All of the above varieties give high velocities and less residuum than any other powder. Laflin and Rand Powder Company was located at 2 Park Row in New York City opposite the Astor House. Picture #01 an archival, premium hunting print by Brandywine General Store.

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