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A Museum Quality Art Print of the White Oak by Redoute. This hand colored stipple engraving was completed by the artist for the book North America Sylva, which was paid for by the French Government to study the trees and fauna of the newly formed United States and parts of Canada, written by Francois Andre Michaus and with a lot of illustrations by French Botanical Artist, Redoute. The White Oak was described in the book thus, A very common tree in the eastern and western districts, sometimes comprising up to 90% of a forest. Of all the American Oaks this species bears the greatest similarity to the European Oak. This tree grows up to 70 to 80 feet tall with a diameter of 6 to 7 feet with the size being dependent on the soil condition. It is easily distinguished in the winter from the whiteness of the bark and the fact that it will retain a few of its leaves all through the winter until the new crop arrives in the Spring. This makes a very good wood for timber with the only reason not being used more extensively is because of its higher cost. The frames of all the well built homes, whether of brick or wood are all made out of white oak timbers. Seasoned white oak is also used for the frames of coaches, wagons and sledges, mould boards of plows, the teeth of harrows, spokes of wheels, large baskets, coach whip handls and much more. White Oak is also exported to the West Indies, Great Britain and other places, even Maryland and Virginia to use in staves to hold wines and whiskeys. However the most important use of white oak according to the author was in ship building.

Quercus Alba.

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