Nasturtium or Showy Indian Cress Botanical Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 05 botanical

An archival premium Quality Botanical Print of the Showy Indian Cress or more commonly known as Nasturtium for sale by Brandywine General Store. This flower painting is from the Curtis Botanical Magazine Volume 73, which was published in 1847. The picture shows a vine with several showy orange to red blossoms. This plant was described as being a hardy annual, native of Peru, being discovered in 1686. The vines or stalks will grow up to 8 to 10 feet with very showy orange flowers, blooming from July until killed by the frost. The flowers and young leaves are eaten in salads, tasting much like the common cress. The berries are gathered green and pickled and as such make an excellent substitute for capers. Tropaeolum Majus Botanical art print #05

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