Mountain Mockingbird and Varied Thrush by John James Audubon

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A Museum Quality Print of the Mountain Mockingbird and Varied Thrush by John James Audubon. In this ornithology painting, the artist shows a male mockingbird setting at the top of the picture while a male and female specimen are shown of the Varied Thrush. The Mountain Mockingbird is a plain looking bird and oddly shaped with long legs or shanks, with coloring mostly brown and white. The Varied Thrush are a much more beautiful bird with colors of orange, black and browns and interesting colorful patterns on its wings. All three of these birds are setting in a Mistletoe Plant which is full of white berries and no doubt the attraction for this trio of birds. These birds were plate of picture number 369 in the 1st Havell edition of Birds of America.

Orpheus Montanus, Turdus Montanus - Mr Audubon describes the Mountain Mockingbird and Varied Thrush in Birds of America thus: This interesting and hitherto unfigured species was procured on the Rocky Mountains by Mr. TOWNSEND, who forwarded a single specimen to Philadelphia, where I made a drawing of it. The following notice by Mr. NUTTALL shews that it is nearly allied in its habits to the Mocking-bird. "On the arid plains of the central table-land, betwixt the northern sources of the Platte and the Colorado of the West, in the month of June, we frequently heard the cheering song of this delightful species, whose notes considerably resemble those of the Brown Thrush, with some of the imitative powers of the Mocking-bird. For a great part of the day, and especially early and late, its song resounds through the desert plains, as it warbles to its mate from some tall weed or bush of wormwood, and continues with little interruption nearly for an hour at a time.

We met with it in the plains exclusively, till our arrival at Wallah Wallah, but we are not certain of having seen it in any part of California, it being apparently entirely confined to the cooler and open regions of the Rocky Mountains. Just before arriving at Sandy-Creek of the Colorado, while resting for refreshment at noon, I had the good fortune to find the nest in a wormwood bush, on the margin of a ravine, from whence the male was singing with its usual energy. It contained four almost emerald green eggs, spotted with dark olive of two shades, more numerous towards the greater end, the spots large and roundish. The nest itself was made of small twigs and rough stalks, lined with stripes of bark and bison wool. The female flew off to a little distance, and looked on her unwelcome and unexpected visitor, without uttering either call or complaint."

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