Mangrove Humming Bird Art Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium Quality art print of the Mangrove Humming Bird by John James Audubonfor sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork was the 184th picture in his epic ornithology book, The Birds of America. Audubon features five mango humming birds flying around bright orange flowers on what looks like a trumpet vine. Trochilus Mango - Audubon says of the Mangrove Hummingbird "Hitherto," says he, "it has been supposed that only one species of Humming-bird (the Trochilus Colubris) ever visits the United States. Although this is a genus consisting of upwards of a hundred species, all of which are peculiar to the Continent of America and the adjoining islands, yet with few exceptions they are confined to the tropics. In those warm climates, where the Bignonias and other tubular flowers that bloom throughout the year, and innumerable insects that sport in the sun-shine, afford an abundance of food, these lively birds are the greatest ornaments of the gardens and forests. Such in most cases is the brilliancy of their plumage, that I am unable to find apt objects of comparison unless I resort to the most brilliant gems and the richest metals. So rapid is their flight that they seem to outstrip the wind. Almost always on the wing, we scarcely see them in any other position. Living on the honeyed sweets of the most beautiful flowers, and the minute insects concealed in their corollas, they come to us as etherial beings, and it is not surprising that they should have excited the wonder and admiration of mankind. It affords me great pleasure to introduce to the lovers of Natural History this species of Humming-bird as an inhabitant of the United States. The specimen which is now in my possession, was obtained by Dr. STROBEL at Key West in East Florida. He informed me that he had succeeded in capturing it from a bush where he had found it seated, apparently wearied after its long flight across the Gulf of Mexico, probably from some of the West India Islands, or the coast of South America. Whether this species is numerous in any part of Florida, I have had no means of ascertaining. The interior of that territory, as its name indicates, is the land of flowers, and consequently well suited to the peculiar habits of this genus; and as it has seldom been visited by ornithologists, it is possible that not only this, but several other species of Humming-birds, may yet be discovered as inhabitants of our southern country." Audubon Bird print #184

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