Kustodiyev Boris Mikhailovich - Pancake Week Art Print

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An archival premium Quality art print of Pancake Week by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiyev, showing a beautiful winter scene for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas was finished in 1916 with an original size of 24 by 48.5 inches in size and now hangs in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia. The last week before Great Lent is called Maslenitsa, whose literal translation is "butter week", but a more appropriate translation would be "pancake week". maslenitsa has a dual ancestry of pagan and Christian beliefs. The pagans celebrated this as a sun festival signifying the the imminent ending of the long hard winter. For the Christians, this is the last week before Lent, when eating meat is forbidden, but pancakes are still allowed and are eaten in great quantities. In this painting, Kustodiyev reflects the appeal and beauty of the popular Russian holiday. To convey the colorful nature of the folk holiday, the master adopts a form close to folk art. The snow covered landscape is all in motion, we see racing troikas, flashing colors of vivid clothes, and the mixing of many colors in the white of the snow. The artist is equally attracted to the domes of the Churches and the merry go rounds, all examples of the natural life of these people. Country Decor art print #45

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