King Duck by John James Audubon Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of The King Duck as drawn by John James Audubon for his ornithology book, The Birds of America for sale by Brandywine General Store. This colorful bird was plate number or picture #276 in the first Havell edition, published between 1827 to 1838. In this print, a male and female king duck are sitting on a rocky shore after devouring a meal. 

Fuligula Spectabilis - Audubon says the following about the King Duck "This beautiful species rarely advances farther south along our eastern coast than the neighbourhood of the Bay of Boston. I have, however, been assured by old and trustworthy gunners that the King Duck, about thirty years ago, was by no means of rare occurrence there during winter, and that a few had been known to breed in company with the Eider along the coast. At the period of my arrival at Labrador, the greater number of the King Ducks had proceeded farther north; and although some were seen there, we found none of their nests. I can say nothing of the habits of this bird, which, although they may be similar to those of the Eider, must yet differ in many particulars, as is the case with all birds that are nearly allied in form. The eggs of the King Duck collected by Captain JAMES CLARK ROSS, R. N., measure two inches and five-eighths by one inch and three-fourths, and have a smooth shell, of a uniform dull greenish-colour. Rare in Massachusetts during winter. Breeds from Labrador to the Arctic Seas..." Audubon bird print #276

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