Juke Boxes at Smittys Museum Art Print

Brandywine General Store

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An archival premium Quality art print of Juke Boxes at Smitty's in Pharr Texas for sale by Brandywine General Store. Housed in one of Pharr's oldest buildings, Smitty's Juke Box Museum has an extraordinary collection of old juke boxes that was amassed over a period of fifty years by Leo Smitty Schmitt and his sons, all are meticulously restored. Among the treasures are a wind up Edison Victrola, the first Wurlitzer Model P10 from 1934 and the oldest is a wooden Electramusic jukebox that was built in 1926 and was found in a Church basement. Also in the museum is a rare 1942 Wurlitzer Satyr, its finely carved wooden body reflects its flashing lights, only 150 of this model survive today. There has been a tremendous shift in jukeboxes over the years, when first introduced, they played the huge 78 records, then came the 45s and albums and now CDs and computer stored songs which can be changed remotely. The old jukeboxes as shown in this picture are worth a lot of money today. Country Decor art print #49

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