Ivory Gull by John James Audubon Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of the Ivory Gull by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. These birds were plate or picture number 287 in the ornithology book, The Birds of America the first Havell edition. Mr. Audubon tries to paint and describe every bird species in America in this large tome. His original bird prints are the most sought after ornithological works in existence. In this painting the artist shows a male bird and a young bird in its second year of the species. They are standing on a barren stretch of shore line with shells laying beside them, probably morsels left over after their dinner. We have completely redone the sky in behind the birds, in the original print, which was completed around 175 years ago, the sky looks like it has had water damage over the years. We think ours makes a better looking artwork with the new repairs for your wall, but it is not original if that is important to you. Larus Eburneus - Mr. Audubon describes the Ivory Gull thus "Having ascertained that this beautiful species visits the southern coast of Labrador and Newfoundland every winter, I have thought it probable that it occasionally extends its rambles as far as our eastern shores, and therefore determined to include it in my Illustrations. The figures in the plate were taken from two specimens procured by Captain JAMES CLARK Ross, one of which was an adult male, the other a young bird in its second year. Captain SABINE says that the Ivory Gulls are attracted in considerable numbers by whale blubber, are therefore usually found in company with the Procellaria glacialis, and are easily killed, being by no means shy. Dr. RICHARDSON informs us that they were observed breeding in great numbers on the high perforated cliffs which form the extremity of Cape Parry, in latitude 70 degrees. Accidental on the coast of the United States. Common in winter in Labrador and Newfoundland. Breeds in high latitudes." Audubon bird print #287

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