Happy Satellite TV Dish in West Virginia Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Premium Quality Art Print of a Happy Satellite TV Dish in West Virginia for sale by Brandywine General Store. Perhaps this satellite dish is smiling because of all the beautiful fall scenery that surrounds it. A huge hickory tree in full yellow fall colors is behind the large dish, while an old time chestnut rail fence runs in the front. The joke from twenty or more years ago was what is the state flower of WV and the answer was the TV satellite dish. Due to the remoteness and mountains of eastern West Virginia, many people never had TV service, or only received one channel from Harrisonburg VA, until the large satellite dishes were invented. So when they came out and got cheap enough in price for people to buy, the TV Satellite dishes sprouted up everywhere in the hills of the mountain state, leading to the joke about them being the state flower. Now you only need a very small dish to receive all the channels you could ever want. Picture #292 an original photographic print

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