Great Footed Hawk by John James Audubon

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A museum quality print of the Great Footed Hawk by John James Audubon, this bird is also more commonly known as the Peregrine Falcon and is now on the endangered species list. Audubon shows two of these peregrine falcons with a graphic representation of them feasting on ducks. This raptor was picture number 16 in the 1st Havell edition of the Birds of America.

Falco Peregrinus - Audubon says of the Peregrine Falcon "The flight of this bird is of astonishing rapidity. It is scarcely ever seen  sailing, unless after being disappointed in its attempt to secure the prey which  it has been pursuing, and even at such times it merely rises with a broad spiral  circuit, to attain a sufficient elevation to enable it to reconnoitre a certain  space below. It then emits a cry much resembling that of the Sparrrow Hawk, but  greatly louder, like that of the European Kestrel, and flies off swiftly in  quest of plunder. The search is often performed with a flight resembling that of  the tame pigeon, until perceiving an object, it redoubles its flappings, and  pursues the fugitive with a rapidity scarcely to be conceived. Its turnings,  windings and cuttings through the air are now surprising. It follows and nears  the timorous quarry at every turn and back-cutting which the latter attempts.  Arrived within a few feet of the prey, the Falcon is seen protruding his  powerful legs and talons to their full stretch. His wings are for a moment  almost closed; the next instant he grapples the prize, which, if too weighty to  be carried off directly, he forces obliquely towards the ground, sometimes a  hundred yards from where it was seized, to kill it, and devour it on the spot.  Should this happen over a large extent of water, the Falcon drops his prey, and  sets off in quest of another. On the contrary, should it not prove too heavy,  the exulting bird carries it off to a sequestered and secure place. He pursues  the smaller Ducks, Water-hens, and other swimming birds, and if they are not  quick in diving, seizes them, and rises with them from the water. I have seen  this Hawk come at the report of a gun, and carry off a Teal not thirty steps  distant from the sports-man who had killed it, with a daring assurance as  surprising as unexpected. This conduct has been observed by many individuals,  and is a characteristic trait of the species. The largest duck that I have seen  this bird attack and grapple with on the wing is the Mallard."

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