Great Blue Heron Art Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium quality art print of the Great Blue Heron by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist painted this artwork for his ornithology book, The Birds of North America, published in the 19th century. This bird was the 211th plate or picture in the first Havell edition. A single male specimen of this large water bird is portrayed in the painting. The heron has his long bill hovering over the water like it is about to grab a fish or frog for dinner. Ardea Herodias - Mr Audubon said the following of the Great Blue Heron "The "Blue Crane" (by which name this species is generally known in the United States) is met with in every part of the Union. Although more abundant in the low lands of our Atlantic coast, it is not uncommon in the countries west of the Allegheny Mountains. I have found it in every State in which I have travelled, as well as in all our "Territories." It is well known from Louisiana to Maine, but seldom occurs farther east than Prince Edward's Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and not a Heron of any kind did I see or hear of in Newfoundland or Labrador. Westward, I believe, it reaches to the very bases of the Rocky Mountains. It is a hardy bird, and bears the extremes of temperature surprisingly, being in its tribe what the Passenger Pigeon is in the family of Doves. During the coldest part of winter the Blue Heron is observed in the State of Massachusetts and in Maine, spending its time in search of prey about the warm springs and ponds which occur there in certain districts. They are not rare in the Middle States, but more plentiful to the west and south of Pennsylvania, which perhaps arises from the incessant war waged against them. Extremely suspicious and shy, this bird is ever on the look-out. Its sight is as acute as that of any Falcon, and it can hear at a considerable distance, so that it is enabled to mark with precision the different objects it sees, and to judge with accuracy of the sounds which it hears..." Audubon bird print #211

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