Grape Muscat by Louis Van Houtte Botanical Print

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SKU: 63 botanical

An archival premium Quality botanical art Print of the Muscat Grape by Louis Van Houtte for sale by Brandywine General Store. This picture was in volume 13 of Houtte's famous editions of The Flowers of the Gardens and Greenhouses of Europe that was published in Europe during the middle part of the 19th century. Muscat grapes are one of the oldest and probably the oldest variety of grapes in existence, being cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans. This grapevine was imported into southern Gaul by the Romans. By the middle ages, this grape was popular because of the strong sweet wines it is capable of producing. This grape became popular for wine making because it doesn't lose much of its flavor when it is fermented. Besides wines, this grape is also used for table eating and raisins, there are many different varieties and cultivars that exist. Houtte shows a huge pod of these dark purple grapes with a small stem at the top in this picture. Botanical art print #63

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