Golden Eyed Duck by John James Audubon Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of the Golden Eyed Duck by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist drew this picture for inclusion in his  ornithology book The Birds of America, these cute ducks were picture or plate number 342 in the first Havell edition of this great tome. Audubon shows a pair of these ducks flying in the sky, the male of the species is looking down towards the ground while the female is looking upwards. The crooked stances of each bird makes this a very endearing print. I think that Homer Winslow took inspiration from this pair of ducks for his great masterpiece "Right and Left" as they somewhat have the same kind of appearance and subject matter. Fuligula Clangula - Mr Audubon describes the Golden-Eyed Duck thus in Birds of America "You have now before you another of our Ducks, which at least equals any of the rest in the extent of its migrations. Braving the blasts of the north, it visits the highest latitudes in spring, and returns at the approach of winter spreading over the whole country, as if it seemed not to care in what region it spends its time, provided it find abundance of water. Now propelling itself gaily, it may be seen searching the pebbly or rocky bottom of the Ohio, or diving deep in the broad bays of Massachusetts or the Chesapeake. Presently it emerges with a crayfish or a mussel held firmly in its bill. It shakes its head, and over its flattened back roll the large pearly drops of water, unable to penetrate the surface of its compact and oily plumage. The food is swallowed, and the bird, having already glanced around, suddenly plunges headlong. Happy being! Equally fitted for travelling through the air and the water, and not altogether denied the pleasure of walking on the shore; endowed with a cunning, too, which preserves you from many at least of the attempts of man to destroy you; and instinctively sagacious enough to place your eggs deep in the hollow of a tree, where they are secure from the noctural prowler, and, amid the down of your snowy breast, are fostered until the expected young come forth. Then with your own bill you carry your brood to the lake, where, under your tender care they grow apace. Audubon bird print #342

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