Frittillaria Meleagris Botanical Print by Holtzbecher

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 109 botanical

An archival premium Quality Botanical art Print of the Frittillaria Meleagris by the German artist Johannes Simon Holtzbecher for sale by Brandywine General Store. The exact date of the antique canvas isn't known, but it was painted by the artist sometime between the period of 1649 to 1659. This original gouache on Parchment measures 15 by 20 inches in size and is now at the National Gallery of Denmark. We have several different botanical paintings in the same size, era, medium and technique by this same artist, they make a nice grouping put together on a wall. You can type the artist's name in the search box and they will all come up. This picture shows four of these flowers, two being purple and yellow in color with large single blooms, another large single bloom that is yellow in color and the fourth shows a brown and red flower with double blooms. The checked pattern is very evident on this example. Each flower stalk also shows the corresponding bulb for each. The common name of the Frittillaria Meleagris is Snake's Head Frittillary. The Latin Translation refers to the checked patterns on the blooms and the similarity to checks on the chess boards and games involving dice. These flowers like a moist well drained soil and are great for naturalizing along the edge of the woodland or wildflower garden. Botanical art print #109

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