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A Museum Quality Print of a Fort Marion National Monument Tourism Poster. This ad states that Fort Marion National Monument was in St. Augustine, Florida and managed by the United States Department of Interior the National Park Service. This structure was originally known as Castillo de San Marcos and is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. It is located on the short of Matanzas Bay in the city of St. Augustine, Florida. The fort was built by the Spanish and construction began in 1672 when Florida was still part of the Spanish Empire. Britain gained control of Florida in 1763 pursuant to the Treaty of Paris and the fort was renamed Fort St. Mark. In 1783 Florida was ceded back to Spain, then in 1819 the area became part of the United States. In 1821 the Fort became a United States Army Base and was renamed Fort Marion, in honor of American Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion. The fort was deactivated in 1924 after 251 years of continuous military possession. The site was then turned over to the United States National Park Service.

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