Dianthus Sinensis var Heddewigii Botanical Print by Houtte

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 65 botanical

An archival premiium quality botanical art print of Dianthus Sinensis var Heddewigii by Louis van Houtte for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist featured this plant in his book, The Flowers of the Gardens and Greenhouses in Europe, this plate was from volume 13 published in 1858. This flower was described in the 1860 book Florist, Fruitist and Garden Miscellany as follows: "This name represents a charming new race of Indian Pinks, with gigantic flowers of various colors from rich deep crimson to pale pink, sometimes striped, blotched or mottled with white. The leaves are broad, linear and bluish green. Flowers bloom profusely sometimes having 40 to 60 blooms on a single plant. The new race of Japanese Indian Pinks, remarkable for the large size of their flowers and their richly varied colors will be highly ornamental for flower garden decoration. These flowers are better known today as Sweet Williams. Botanical art print #65

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