CR #05 Virginia Obsolete Five Dollar Treasury Note 1861

Brandywine General Store

SKU: VA obsolete #55

A five dollar obsolete civil war treasury note from the commonwealth of Virginia issued October 15, 1861 from the scarcer 1st issue of Bills issued by VA for sale by Brandywine General Store. These notes were payable in interest at 6% one year after issue, Criswell designated this example as CR #5. The five dollar example of Virginia obsolete money features Ceres standing between a Large V while at the bottom is a small female portrait. These notes were produced by Hoyer and Ludwig of Richmond VA. Our estimated grade to be used as a reference only is choice fine with excellent cutting of the borders and no major faults to be seen. Fold marks much more visible on the back than the front lowers the grade, also some aging paper spots. The pictures show the front and back of the actual Virginia obsolete five dollar civil war treasury note that is for sale.

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