Chuck Wills Widow by John James Audubon art print

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An archival premium quality art print of the Chuck-will's widow by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork was for his ornithology book The Birds of America which was published in the 19th century. This bird was the 52nd picture or plate in this epic tome. Audubon shows a pair of of these birds in a tree branch which has red blooming vine entwined throughout and a Harlequin snake wrapped around the branch. Caprimulgus Carolinensis - Mr Audubon says the following about the Chuck-will's widow "Our Goatsuckers, although possessed of great power of wing, are particularly attached to certain districts and localities. The species now under consideration is seldom observed beyond the limits of the Choctaw Nation in the State of Mississippi, or the Carolinas, on the shores of the Atlantic, and may with propriety be looked upon as the southern species of the United States. Louisiana, Florida, the lower portions of Alabama and Georgia, are the parts in which it most abounds; and there it makes its appearance early in spring, coming over from Mexico, and probably still warmer climates. About the middle of March, the forests of Louisiana are heard to echo with the well-known notes of this interesting bird. No sooner has the sun disappeared, and the nocturnal insects emerged from their burrows, than the sounds, “chuck-will’s-widow,” repeated with great clearness and power six or seven times in as many seconds, strike the ear, bring to the mind a pleasure mingled with a certain degree of melancholy, which I have often found very soothing. The sounds of the Goatsucker, at all events, forbode a peaceful and calm night, and I have more than once thought, are conducive to lull the listener to repose. The deep ravines, shady swamps, and extensive pine rides, are all equally resorted to by these birds; for in all such places they find ample means of providing for their safety during the day, and of procuring food under night. Audubon bird print #52

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