Choiseul de, Comte and Chevalier - Portrait by Francois Drouais

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A Museum Quality Print of Comte and Chevalier de Choiseul by Francois Drouais for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas in the year 1758 with the original size being 55 by 42 inches and is now in the Fricke Collection, located at the upper east side of New York City on Fifth Avenue. This Museum houses the vast art collectoins of the US Industrialist, Henry Clay Fricke. The boy who is standing with a hurdy gurdy on his back is Marie Gabriel Florent Auguste, the Comte de Choiseul Beaupre who lived from 1752 to 1817. The smaller boy setting beside him and pointing to a peep show box is his younger brother, Michel Felix Victor, the Chevalier de Choiseul Daillecourt who lived from 1754 to 1815. These boys were cousins to the celebrated Duc de Choiseul, the foreign minister who served under King Louis XV. In this portrait the artists costumes the boys as Savoyards, the itinerants from Savoy who wandered over France working at odd jobs and in street fairs to support the families they had left behind at home. Drouais probably intended to depict the brothers as models of filial devotion, a conceit reinforced by the presence of the faithful dog. However, the boys garments are made of the finest velvets and the buttons are of gold, taking away from the illusion of being poor. This painting would also make a nice country decor print. Famous People art print #50

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