Catlin George - A Connibo Indian Family art Print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of A Connibo Family by George Catlin for sale by Brandywine General Store. The American artist finished this oil painting sometime between the period of 1854 to 69. Our western artwork shows an Indian Chief, his two wives and his children. The oldest son has feathers in his hair like his Father and is also carrying a lance. The daughter is carrying a jug on her head. Catlin made notations on the backs of some of his paintings, he described this artwork thus: Cart. No. 457. Cónnibo. a. – (-----); a very handsome man, said to be the chief, and much celebrated, his ears are elongated and ornamented with brass rings, and his necklace of the shells of nuts. b. – (-----). c. – (-----); two Connibo women, wives of the chief. A tribe of 5,000, inhabiting the western banks of the Rio Yucayali and the vast pampas del Sacramento. 1853. Wild West art print #26

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