Caladium Bicolor Leaf by Louis Van Houtte Botanical Print

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A Museum Quality Reproduction Print of the Caladium Bicolor variety Brongniartii by Louis Van Houtte. The Caladium Brongniartii is native to the to open forests of tropical South America, Brazil, Columbia, French Guyana, Guyana, Surinam and Venezuela. They are a tuberous rooted perennial often grown in containers, annuals, or as indoor plants. Caladiums require a lot of water, heat and high humidity and are excellent choices to add color, texture, and form to shady areas in the garden. This print was drawn by Louis Van Houtte for his books The Flowers of the Greenhouses and Gardens of Europe, this particular flower was from Volume 13 from the year 1858.

At Fine Art Prints of Distinction we painstakingly repair the original files of these old paintings and print them using premium quality inks and paper. The end result is a beautiful, archival reproduction print that will last in your home for generations and at a low cost so anyone can now have great artworks hanging in their home or business. Brandywine General Store is proud to offer for sale a premium botanical print entitled Caladium Bicolor variety Brongniartii by Louis Van Houtte.

Inventory #61 Antique Botanical

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