Cactus, Variegated Stapelia Fine Art Botanical Print

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SKU: 84 botanical

A Museum Quality Print of the Variegated Stapelia Cactus. Curtis illustrates this cactus in the first volume of his Botanical Magazine published in 1787, this yellow blooming flower was plate or picture number 26 in this long running book. Curtis describes this cactus thus " This very singular plant is a native of the Cape of Good Hope where it grows and flourishes on the rocks. If the plants are kept in a moderate stove in winter and in summer placed in an airy glass case where they may enjoy much free air, but screened from the wet and cold, they will thrive and flower very well. These cactii seldom seed but it grows fast enough from slips..." This cactus is also known as the star flower or toad cactus. Botanical art print #84

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