C. F. Simmons Medicine Company Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: ad #89

A Museum Quality Print of C. F. Simmons Medicine Company Advertising Lithograph for sale by Brandywine General Store. This colorful 1886 vintage ad has it all, there are 6 blocks with various colorful and informational scenes. Starting at the upper left corner is a scene from 1840 showing Dr. M. A. Simmons selling his tonics from a horse and buggy, the 2nd block shows a box with a bottle with Dr. M. A. Simmons Liver Medicine inside, then another 1840 scene showing a plain wooden building which was the old laboratory in Iuka, Mississippi. The whole center section shows a scene from Custer's Last Stand, in this picture are General Custer, Colonel Tom Custer, Boston Custer, Autie Reed who was Custer's nephew, Colonel Cook, Rain in the Face, the Indian who actually killed Custer and many other Indians and soldiers. At the bottom is the present day laboratory showing the father and son and telling us they are now selling 5,000 boxes and bottles per day. In the last box are the medicines this company is selling which are Chillarine - Guaranteed cure for Chills, Iron Cordial which was the King of Tonics, Beardarine - Nature's Beard Invigorator and hair renewer, La Providencia - a Female Remedy and Hot Springs Remedy which was the only guaranteed pile cure. A great piece of memorabilia for historians or Doctors in the medicinal profession. Picture #89 an archival premium advertising print from Brandywine General Store.

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