Blue Headed Pigeon by John James Audubon art print

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An archival premium quality art Print of the Blue Headed Pigeon or Ground Dove by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. This painting was plate or picture number 172 in the first Havell edition of the ornithology book by Audubon entitled The Birds of America. In this artwork Audubon shows three specimens of this pigeon, two females and one male. They are in a rocky area with grass lands in behind them. Wildflowers are growing up around the rocks with a tall grassy looking wild flower in the background. These birds are a reddish brown and black in color with beautiful blue heads, hence their name. Mr. Audubon had trouble locating these birds, thus he has a very short description of them.

Mr. Audubon describes the Blue Headed Pigeon or Ground Dove in Birds of America thus "A few of these birds migrate each spring from the Island of Cuba to the Keys of Florida, but are rarely seen, on account of the deep tangled woods in which they live. Early in May 1832, while on a shooting excursion with the commander of the United States Revenue Cutter Marion, I saw a pair of them on the western side of Key West. They were near the water, picking gravel, but on our approaching them they ran back into the thickets, which were only a few yards distant. Several fishermen and wreckers informed us that they were more abundant on the "Mule Keys;" but although a large party and myself searched these islands for a whole day, not one did we discover there. I saw a pair which I was told had been caught when young on the latter Keys, but I could not obtain any other information respecting them, than that they were fed on cracked corn and rice, which answered the purpose well. I have represented three of these Pigeons on the ground, with some of the creeping plants which grew in the place where I saw the pair mentioned above...."

Columba Cyanocephala -  These colorful birds are also known by the names of Blue Headed Quail Dove or Ground Dove. We have added the blue to the sky area behind the birds as the original white has greatly aged since being painted almost two centuries ago. Mr. Audubon says the tall plant in the background is a beautiful cypress which is quite abundant on all the dry Keys of the Floridas, and is also found in many parts of the interior of the peninsula. Audubon bird print #172


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