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A Museum Quality Fine Art Print of the Birthplace of President Gerald R. Ford. This picture shows the home in which our president Gerald Rudolph Ford was born in July of 1913. This was the home of Ford's paternal grandparents Charles Henry King, a prominent Omaha Banker and his wife, the former Martha Alicia Porter. Their only son, Leslie Lynch King married Dorothy Ayer Gardner on September 07, 1912, after their marriage they moved into this huge 14 room Victorian house with his parents. Their first son, Leslie Lynch King Jr was born on July 14, 1913 in this home. However, during their short marriage, Dorothy found out that her husband had a bad drinking problem and was abusive to her, so when Lesile was only 16 days old, she moved out of the house and separated from Leslie Sr. Dorothy took her son with her to her parents and moved in with them in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the future president grew up. In 1916 Dorothy married Gerald Rudolff Ford and they renamed Leslie Jr after him as Gerald Rudolff Ford, Jr. The future president was never formally adopted by Ford Senior and he did not legally change his name until 1935 and when he did he used the more conventional spelling of his middle name, Rudolph. Unfortunately this huge Victorian home suffered extensive fire damage in 1971 and was demolished. Omaha businessman, James M. Paxson, purchased the vacant lot for 17,250.00 in 1974 after Ford became President and planned for it to be used as a memorial. However the city couldn't afford this even though the lot was donated to them, so Paxson set up the Paxson foundation to fund the memorial and the gardens. President Ford helped some with the fund raising and in 1980 he was present for the dedication of a rose garden in honor of Betty Ford. This painting was completed for consideration to be used as the President's official White House Christmas Card.

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