Battle of Kennesaw Mountain Civil War Print

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An archival premium quality Civil War art print of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain for sale by Brandywine General Store. This battle was fought on June 27, 1864 between the Military Division of Mississippi led by Major General William T. Sherman for the Union and The Army of Tennessee led by General Joseph E. Johnston for the Confederacy. On the night of June 18 - 19, General Johnston, fearing envelopment by the enemy, withdrew his Army to Kennesaw Mountain to get entrenched and protect the Western and Atlantic Railroad, which was the major supply line for the South to Atlanta. General Sherman was positive that Johnston had spread his troops to thin and he decided on a frontal attack against the Confederate Soldiers at Kennesaw Mountain. However to his surprise the Southern troops were to well entrenched and could not be dislodged and he lost this battle. Sherman lost 3,000 men including Generals Charles Harker and Daniel McCook, he said this had been the hardest fight of the campaign thus far. The Confederates under Johnston in their victory lost around 1,000 men. These Civil War Battle Pictures are great for the reenactors or historians in general. They also look great as decor in your home or study. Civil War art print #06

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