Battle of Chattanooga by Prang Civil War art Print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of The Battle of Chattanooga by L. Prang and Co of Boston for sale by Brandywine General Store. This war scene was drawn by Thure de Thulstrup and copyrighted in 1886 . This battle was fought between the Confederates and Union forces on November 25, 1863 with General Braxton Bragg leading the South and General Ulysses S. Grant commanding the North. After Grant received the leadership of the Western Armies his first order of business was to end the siege of Chattanooga Tennessee and drive the Confederates out. He succeeded in this endeavor and as a result the Northern Troops now had a way to invade the Deep South, because they now had a foothold in which to stage their supply lines into the deep south. This also made it possible for Sherman to carry out his destructive march all the way to Atlanta. In this chromolithograph painting by Thulstrup, General Grant stands on top of a hill using field glasses to follow the assault of Missionary Ridge. He is joined by Generals Gordon Granger and George H. Thomas. The chief of staff to Thomas later remarked that this image was a beautiful life like picture. We also have the print by Kurz and Allison which portrays General Thomas's charge on Orchard Knob from the same Battle of Chattanooga. These would make great pictures in the study, office or man cave of the Civil War Historian or battle reenactor. Civil War art print #21

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