Battle of Atlanta Civil War art Print

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A museum quality print of The Battle of Atlanta which was fought on July 22, 1864 for sale by Brandywine General Store. This battle was fought between The Army of Tennessee under General John Bell Hood and the Military Division of Mississippi under General William T. Sherman. The artwork was done by Kurz and Allison in 1888. The Atlanta campaign lasted around 4 months with Sherman surrounding the city. The Confederate troops were under John Bell Hood, who had replaced Johnston, who in turn had been fired by CSA President Jefferson Davis. Davis was afraid that Johnston would give up Atlanta without a fight. Hood took the position despite the unfavorable odds, with his Army of 50,000 who went up against the Union Army of 80,000 troops who were only 5 miles from Atlanta's outskirts. Hood put up a brave front with numerous battles to protect Atlanta, but when the last railroad line, The Macon and Western was cut and no supplies could come into Atlanta, Hood was forced to evacuate the city on September 01, the following day Sherman's soldiers entered the city and the Atlanta campaign, as well as the fate of the Confederacy was over for the South. Sherman's troops later burnt the entire city before beginning their destructive "March to the Sea". This major Northern victory assured the reelection of President Abraham Lincoln and thus the fight to the end of the Civil War. During the actual Battle of Atlanta fought on July 22, 1864, the Military Division of Mississippi under Sherman began their battle to seize the important rail and supply centers feeding into Atlanta, the Union forces overwhelmed the Confederate forces defending the city and the CSA troops had to retreat to the fortifications in the city proper. The Union had 3641 casualties and the South had 8,499, despite this Union victory the Confederate Soldiers hung onto Atlanta a further 6 weeks before they had to give up the city. Civil War art print #17


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