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A Museum Quality Art Print of The Battle of Antietam from the print by L. Prang and Co, copyrighted in 1887 at Boston. The artist, Thure de Thulstrup drew this picture for the lithograph company, the pictures of the Civil War by L. Prang are much different than the ones by their counterparts, Kurz and Allison. The Battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg as it was called by Southerners, was General Robert E. Lee's first effort to push the War northern into Union Territory. After a fierce day of fighting with the Southern Forces looking to loose, A.P. Hill arrived from Harpers Ferry to help the South. However this still wasn't enough for a victory, both sides fought this fierce battle to a draw. This was the single bloodiest day in the history of American warfare wtih over 23,000 men injured, killed or missing in action, it was said the waters around Sharpsburg ran red with blood. General George McClellan was in charge of the Union troops during this battle and due to confusion, he allowed Lee to withdraw with most of what was left of his Army intact. Some Historians think that McClellan could have ended the war here if he had pursued Lee. Lee didn't win either, because he had to withdraw back into his home state of Virginia and he did not succeed in getting Maryland for the Confederacy or driving the war northward. This bloody battle was fought at Sharpsburg Maryland on September 17, 1862 and was a draw. However, Lincoln took this as a victory since Lee was stopped and used this as a springing board to announce his Proclamation of Emancipation.

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