Barn Owl Art Print by John James Audubon

Brandywine General Store


An archival premium Quality art Print of the Barn Owl by John James Audubon for Birds of America for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork was picture #171 in the 1st Havell edition of this ornithology book. In this early American ornithology painting Mr Audubon features a pair of owls flying over a moonlit river with one of the birds clutching a ground squirrel. This was a rare night scene for Mr. Audubon. Mr. Audubon says of this night bird "The Barn Owl of the United States is far more abundant in the Southern Districts than in the other parts. I never found it to the east of Pennsylvania, and only twice in that State, nor did I ever see, or even hear of one in the Western Country; but as soon as I have reached the maritime districts of the Carolinas, Georgia, the Floridas, and all along to Louisiana, the case has always been different. In Cuba they are quite abundant, according to the reports which I have received from that island. During my visit to Labrador I neither saw any of these birds, nor found a single person who had ever seen them, although the people to whom I spoke were well acquainted with the Snowy Owl, the Grey Owl, and the Hawk Owl". Audubon bird print #171

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