Bachmans Warbler Art Bird Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium quality art print of Bachman's Warbler by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artwork was drawn originally by Audubon for his ornithology tome The Birds of America, published in the 19th century. This small songbird was picture number 185 in the first Havell edition of this book and today is on the endangered species. Audubon shows a pair of these small songbirds setting in a flowering bush called Monadelphia Polyandria which looks like some kind of magnolia.

Helinaia Bachmanii - Mr Audubon says the following about this bird "My friend BACHMAN has the merit of having discovered this pretty little species of Warbler, and to him I have the pleasure of acknowledging my obligations for the pair which you will find represented in the plate, accompanied with a figure of one of the most beautiful of our southern flowers, originally drawn by my friend's Sister, Miss MARTIN. I myself have never had the good fortune to meet with any individuals of this interesting Sylvia, respecting which little is as yet known, its discoverer having only procured a few specimens of both sexes, without being able to find a nest. The first obtained was found by him a few miles from Charleston, in South Carolina, in July 1833, while I was rambling over the crags of Labrador. According to my amiable friend, it was "a lively active bird, gliding among the branches of thick bushes, occasionally mounting on the wing and seizing insects in the air in the manner of a Flycatcher. It was an old female that had to all appearance just reared a brood of young." Shortly after, several were seen in the same neighbourhood; and we may still expect an account of its manners, migration, and breeding, although not yet discovered.." Audubon bird print #185


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