Auriculas, Bouquet of - Botanical Print by Pierre Joseph Redoute

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An archival premium Quality Botanical art Print of Bouquet of Auriculas by Pierre Joseph Redoute for sale by Brandywine General Store. This watercolor on vellum was painted by this French Artist in 1837 and is now at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. These beautiful flowers also go by the names of Primula Auricula, Mountain Cowslip or Bear's ear because of the shape of the leaves. In this painting, Redoute shows a very colorful grouping of these flowers, with bunches of red, blues, black, purple and deep red flowers which all have yellow centers. A deep green and gold mottled background is behind all these flowers. A species of the Rrimulaceae that grows on rocks in the Mountain ranges of Central Europe including the Western Alps, Juras, Voseges, Tatra Mountains and the Black Forest. It is an evergreen perennial growing around 8 inches tall. These flowers have been carefully selected and bred now for over 4 centuries which has brought them to a state of perfection in form and colors. The leaves are often covered with a whitish meal which gives them another nickname "dusty millers". They grow best in a cool and airy location with a careful watering regimen, usually grown in pots so the excess water can drain away. Botanical art print #107

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