2011-S Glacier Silver Quarter PCGS Proof 70 Deep Cameo

Brandywine General Store


A 2011-S Glacier Silver National Park Quarter that has been certified as being perfect by PCGS at Proof 70 Deep Cameo. As of this sales listing only 1,489 of these silver America the Beautiful quarters have been good enough to earn the distinction of a perfect grade of 70 by PCGS. Glacier National Park consists of around 1 million acres of land and was established February 22, 1897. It is named after its rugged glacial carved terrain as well as remnants from glaciers from the ice age of 10,000 years ago. Glacial forces, ancient seas, geological faults and uplifting all combine to create some of the most spectacular and unusual scenery in the United States. The picture on this quarter shows a classic view of Mount Reynolds with a mountain goat clambering over rocky slopes in the foreground. Brandywine General Store has more than one of these 2011-S Glacier National Park Quarters available for sale in the 70 grade so you might receive a different PCGS certification number.

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