2005-S West Virginia Quarter PCGS Proof 70 Deep Cameo

Brandywine General Store


A 2005-S West Virginia Statehood Quarter which was graded perfect by PCGS at Proof 70 Deep Cameo. As of this listing only 590 of these state quarters had been slabbed in the perfect 70 category. This is the best grade of West Virginia quarter that you can find so it will make an excellent addition for any collection. West Virginia was admitted to the Union during the depths of the Civil War in 1863 when it broke away from it's mother state, Virginia. WV went with the Union side and VA, with its southern economy and farm industry, stayed with the South. The design on the West Virginia state quarter portrays the New River Gorge Bridge which is probably the top tourist attraction of the state. This area of the New River is known for it's white water rafting and spectacular scenery. Brandywine General Store has more than one of these 2005 -S WV Statehood Quarters graded a perfect 70 by PCGS so you might receive a different PCGS serial number. This coin, with its premium quality, will make an excellent addition to any collector's quarter PCGS Coin Registry Set.

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