2004-S Jefferson Nickel Peace Medal PCGS Proof 69 DCAM

United States Mint


A 2004-S Jefferson Nickel Peace Medal which was professionally certified by PCGS at Proof 69 Deep Cameo. At the time of this writing there had been 13,334 of these nickels slabbed by PCGS at 69 with 843 being certified at the perfect level of 70. We have more than one of these 2004 S Jefferson Peace Medal Nickel PR69DCAM available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so you might receive a different PCGS certification number. The peace medal nickel is part of the Westward Journey Nickels that commemorated the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark to explore these vast new lands of the United States. The peace medal nickel, designed by Mint sculptor Norman E. Nemeth, was adapted from the reverse of some of the original Indian peace medals that were commissioned for the expedition by Lewis and Clark.

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