1978 Oklahoma Farm License Plate



A classic 1978 Oklahoma license plate for a Farm Truck, the color of this 78 OK DMV agriculture tag is yellow with black letters, at the top is the date and state name, at the bottom is farm truck.If you want to use these as year of manufacture on your antique 1978 Oklahoma farm or agricultural vehicle, you will first need to contact the department of motor vehicles to see if this tag qualifies for YOM purposes in the state.We have more than one 1978 Oklahoma Farm Truck License Plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store and in different grades. We have included a generic picture of a license plate we currently have in stock for each condition class.

Some year of manufacture news for Farm Vehicles in the year 1978

Massey Ferguson appoints John A. McDougald as Chairman of the company, this is a rough year for Massey as they lost 257 million dollars. John Deere is in the second year agreement with Yanmar, a Japanese manufacturer that John Deere authorizes to sell small tractors under the Deere name. During the next year of 1979 employment at John Deere reaches an all time high, with 65,392 people being employed. Sales top 5 billion and earnings were 310 million, both records. Ford introduces the Fiesta, their first front wheel drive small family car.

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