1977 Oklahoma Farm License Plate



A classic 1977 Oklahoma farm truck license plate which is available in different grades, you can pick which you wish to purchase with the condition button above. These are unused new old stock, but do have some darkening of the scotch coating. The tags graded as very good plus have heavy darkening of the coating. The color is white with black letters 1977 Oklahoma is located at the top and at the bottom is farm truck. These will look great on an Oklahoma farm vehicle, but before using for Year of Manufacture on your antique pickup or tractor, check first with the DMV to see if these tags qualify for YOM purposes.We have several of these farm tags available and in different grades for sale at Brandywine General Store, we have included a generic picture of each condition class from one of the plates we have in stock.

Some automobile news for the 1977 Year of Manufacture is as follows:

General Motors introduces the first domestic diesel engine on its 1978 US passenger cars the Old Delta Eighty Eights, Ninety Eights and Custom Cruisers, which was produced this year. Volkswagon ceases production of the Beetle in Germany, forty years after production began. Merger talks between Swedish car manufacturers Saab and Volvo are abandoned. Porsche introduces the 924 and 928 models, both featuring front mounted water cooled engines and rear trans axles.

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