1977 District of Columbia Inaugural License Plates

Brandywine General Store

SKU: Excellent Plus

A pair of District of Columbia 1977 Inauguration license plates for sale by Brandywine General Store. The 77 DC DMV car tags were made during the election of Jimmie Carter. This set of DC license plates has DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA at the top, INAUGURATION 1977 is at the bottom and an American flag design is at the left. The color is red, white and blue. Residents of Washington DC could use these license plates for about a 3 month period during the inauguration of Jimmie Carter in 1977. We have more than one set of these 1977 DC Inauguration license plates for sale, so the pair you receive might not be the ones in the picture, but all are the same unused excellent plus condition with the original wrapper. We also have a group of these same inaugural plates that will grade excellent minus, these tags have slight flaws and some have the paper stuck, but to the backs only. None of the paper is showing from the front, so these are still nice looking license plates.

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