1970 Wisconsin Truck License Plates


SKU: 1970 WI DMV BB28411

A classic pair of 1970 Wisconsin Truck License Plates grading NOS Near Mint, with their original wrapper from the Department of Transportation. The wrapper gives a warning that if the plate numbers enclosed do not compare with number shown on certificate or address label - Return at Once with this envelope. Please note, These are your license plates and may be validated in succeeding years with year stickers. On the other side is a label stating Wisconsin wants you to live Drive a safe vehicle - Safely. The color of these antique truck or pickup tags is green with black letters, Truck is printed across the top while the state name and date, Wisconsin 70 are along the bottom. The DMV registration number is BB28 - 411. The picture shows the actual pair of 1970 Wisconsin Truck License Plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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