1944 Kansas License Plate


SKU: 1944 KS DMV Various

An antique New Old Stock 1944 Kansas passenger car license plate for sale at Brandywine General Store. The KS DMV only issued single tags during this WWII year of '44. These license plates have never been used and will grade excellent minus, with about the only fault being rust along some of the extreme outer edges. The color is white with red letters, at the top is Kansas 44. License plates produced during World War II were rare, due to the metal shortage most states opted to issue stickers to extend the length of the plate, some went to fiberboard plates. Kansas though stuck to producing this license plate, this makes an excellent addition to any World War II collection of license plates. Due to the shortage of metal, there were no automobiles produced during this production year, the car plants were all producing war material. These plates are small, measuring around 4 1/2 inches by 10 inches in size. We have more than one of these 1944 Kansas License Plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store so you might receive a different DMV number, but all are in the same NOS excellent minus condition.

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